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OSPI is releasing preliminary drafts of the three preferred instructional frameworks required by ESSB 5895. The law goes into effect on June 7th, 2012.
There are several interconnected parts to the new evaluation system and the timeline for decision making is short. While RIG districts may begin using these
drafts as tools for learning about the new evaluation system, please note that there will be subsequent drafts after ESSB 5895 goes into effect on June 7th, 2012.
There are three major components to the teacher and principal evaluation systems that directly impact the ongoing development of the instructional framework development and alignment which must be addressed by the state over the next five to nine months. The three components include:

1. The three preferred instructional and leadership frameworks. While the state has selected the three instructional frameworks, the content and overall
alignment may change slightly as the following two tasks are started. In addition to the AWSP Leadership Framework, two more leadership frameworks
must be selected by September 1st, 2012.

2. OSPI must adopt rules prescribing a common method for calculating the comprehensive and focused evaluation by December 1st, 2012.

3. The TPEP steering committee will provide guidance around student growth is necessary to implement the evaluation systems over the next 6 months.
The piloting from the RIG districts will be a critical next step in the work of the TPEP project. Just as with the original 16 districts in the pilot, the RIGs have
shown great resilience and patience with the changes from the Legislature and the ongoing development of the state-level work. OSPI will use the timeline
laid out in ESSB 5895 as a guide and will strive to provide timely and thorough information as the work concludes around the frameworks, summative scoring methodology, and student growth guidance. We greatly appreciate the work, support, and patience of our pilot and RIG districts.

Here are the preliminary draft documents of the three preferred instructional frameworks:

Danielson’s Framework for Teaching “At a Glance”
Danielson’s Framework for Teaching by Washington State Criteria
The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model “At a Glance”
The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model by Washington State Criteria
UW-CEL’s 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric “At a Glance”
UW-CEL’s 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric by Washington State Criteria


From Michaela Miller, OSPI

The TPEP steering committee made a promise to the pilots last year that
they could pilot what they had completed by the end of the development
year, and as we learned more about our state system we would be making
decisions for future implementation. One of those key decisions was to
give the RIGs the option of three frameworks: CEL, Marzano and Danielson.

This process of working with the authors and aligning to the state
criteria has been ongoing and has included deep conversations with the
authors, their designees and practitioners steeped in the framework
training. We appreciate your patience with this ongoing development and
we have reached a good milestone in that work.

I am attaching to this email 4 documents that we hope will help to
clarify the alignment from the criteria (in statute and that every
teacher will ultimately be evaluated on) and the frameworks (which is the
vehicle for operationalizing the criteria).

The four documents are all date stamped today and are as follows:

Alignment crosswalk between all three instructional frameworks.
Aligned with the guidance of the authors and practitioners back to our
state criteria so as to promote not only vertical alignment within each
framework, but horizontally across all three frameworks.

Please feel free to use these documents with your RIGs. We will be
working on creating documents that have the rubrics aligned according to
criteria very soon. Thank you as always for your incredible work and